Sep 1, 2012

China Glaze Surfin' for Boys

China Glaze Surfin' for Boys was part of this years summer neons collection. It's a bright orange with a slight coral tinge to it, maybe because if the pale lilac shimmer in it. This is basically the color of the safety vest you keep in your car. Also, traffic cones and reflective biking equipment come to mind. What I mean to say is, this color screams for attention. 

The formula was great. It leveled itself beautifully, was a bit sheer on the first coat but dried fast so you could add a second one right after you're done with your second hand, and left you with a satiny finish. I prefer it shiny, so this is two coats in the sun plus top coat.

And here we have the same thing indoors under artificial lighting. What keeps me from wearing it more often, is the settling shimmer.

This is after a little more than 10 min solid shaking. You can still see the shimmer accumulated in the bottom of the bottle. As this is about as patient as I ever get, I just painted my nails at that point anyway. 

Vigorous shaking before every application no matter how I store it is sort of annoying, but I'm glad I have this color for those days when I need a really bright pick-me-up.

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