Sep 2, 2012

31 Day Challenge, Day 2: Orange

I went very literal with the theme of the 31 Day Challenge today. When I go out to the town, there are orange trees everywhere. You can get freshly pressed orange juice at every little cafĂ© the whole summer long and it tastes better than anything you could buy at the supermarket. 

So along with the inspiration at every street corner, the BM-308 image plate did the rest and we have glorious, juicy, orange nails. I stamped the image with Sally Hansen Extreme Wear White On.

The polish I used is China Glaze Papaya Punch (so much fruit in this post!), that magically appeared at my local beauty supply. Ever since I saw swatches of it online, I wanted it. I don't even know whether it is limited edition or not, because my store sucks at even keeping any of the regular shades in stock. All the more reason I am so, so glad, that it sat on the shelf that day and I could get my hands on it - to put it on my hands, you know. 

As much as I love the color, the formula in my bottle is below average. I suspect it might have been living a sad couple of months in a hot storage room, because it's gloopy, it's thick, it's streaky and at the same time, it's runny! 
I needed three coats to get a somewhat even look out of it, but there were still streaky parts, and it ran all over my cuticles. I'm definetely willing to practice my application skills with this one because of the scrumptious color. Especially when Halloween comes around this year, can't wait for pumpkin nails!

This is a picture of the bottle on the dress I wore the day I bought it. It was magic, I tell you!

Here's the list of posts you can look forward to for the next month:

This Challenge is really fun so far, I think it's amazing how many bloggers are doing it! I'm finding so many great blogs right now.