Sep 1, 2012

I spy.. Essie A-Crewed Interest with an accent

This quick and easy manicure was inspired by a cute eye print dress that Moschino Cheap & Chic came out with this fall. I saw it in a magazine and basically put it on my nails right away.
The main color is Essie A-Crewed Interest, with Essie Cute as a Button as accent on my ring finger nail. 

A-Crewed interest is a heavenly, light, creamy, peach color, and the formula is as bad as the color is beautiful. I used it several times and this is the first time it turned out somewhat even without any frustrations. I was genuinly surprised when I was finished, and hope to reproduce this success in the future. What worked for me was applying a thin coat first, that ended up terribly streaky. A second medium coat after the first one was dry almost eliminated the streaks and then a third, thin coat gave me the covarage I wanted. 

Cute as a Button was flawfree after 2 coats, but still a little sheer, so I added a third one there aswell. 

After I topcoated everything, I got out my nail art brushes and just drew a simplified eye on the ring finger with Jordana Black Charm nail polish. The general shape was made with a small bent brush, not unlike the one I line my eyes with. I guess muscle memory took over and my hand basically made the upper lashline by itself ;) I also used that brush for the iris. 
To get the lashes nice and feathery, I used a striping brush an just added lashes until they lookek full enough for me.

I think this is a really fun and cute mani, and that it has the best effect when the eye is used as an accent. Not painting an eye on every nail also saves you a lot of time, so it's relatively quick to do with a great impact. 

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