Sep 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge, Day 4: Green

Welcome to day 4! I have something very dear to me to show you today, my second franken ever!

You see, green is not really my favorite color, but I somehow can't stop buying green polish. There's just so many shades, and they're all so different! What I didn't have until last night, though, was a nice, deep, bottle green. And I wanted one, on my nails, right that moment (or at least in the immediate future). So I made one myself. 

These I the polishes I used, from left to right: Essie Pretty Edgy, Maybelline Dark Chocolate, P2  Dangerous. I got out a less half full bottle of clear nail polish from the dollar store and poured a third of Pretty Edgy into it. This was about the time I realised how yellow toned Pretty Edgy is and it became clear that I couln't just darken the whole thing with black to get my perfect bottle green. So I got out the dark tealish Dangerous and added about a quarter of the bottle. Much better. Then I added a couple of drops of Dark Chocolate, swatching in between to see what exactly I was actually doing. I can't remember how many drops it took, but as you can see, the bottle is still pretty full. 

This is three coats in the sunlight. I had some bubbling, as you can see near the cuticle of my ring finger, but I think that's more due to the fact that I couldn't wait after I shook it to death/until everthing was mixed up. And because I can't leave perfectly good things alone, I added some stamping on my pointer and thumb with BM-314 and Kiko Steel Grey. The more I look at Steel Grey, the more I feel like it looks good with everything.

Here you can see my thumb! I find it super weird to "pose" without something in my hand, and include my thumb in pictures. I will practice this, I promise. 
What you should actually look at is how beautiful the holo is on top of this green. I'm really happy I decided to stamp it in the end. 

I'll leave you with a picture I'm more comfortable with, and hope you like my second try at frankening! 

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