Sep 25, 2012

31 Day Challenge, Day 25: Inspired by Fashion


I have so many firsts for you today! Up there, you see my first Butter London polish, which is also the first polish ever I ordered online and my first piece of Royal Nail Mail. I have to tell you, I  really regret my purchase.. because this polish is so perfect, all I want to do now is order all the Butter London polishes!
For fashion day, I'm showing you All Hail the Queen, stamped with different gold tones. The dress that inspired me is of course a McQueen dress that I've had in my inspiration folder since it came out for spring 2012. If I ever had a fortune to spend on a dress, I would hunt this piece down and wear it day and night, all day every day, no f*cks given. You can see it here

All Hail the Queen is a taupe-y nude with red flashes and a soft holo effect. This is really hard to explain for me, so here's another picture.

I was surprised by how dark this polish actually is (not in a bad way), although I've looked at tons of swatches online. This color is so pretty, I wore it alone for a day before I stamped over it  for the challenge.

For the first stamp near the cuticle, I used Yes Love #876 and BM-316. Then I used Orly Glitz and Konad m50 for the flowers going up the side. The last stamp is the crown from BM-320 on my middle finger.

I love how subtle the different tones of gold look on the nude base.

What do you think of my McQueen mani? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I would wear that Alexander McQueen every day all day too, it's lovely. I really like how you interpreted the dress too.

  2. Ooh, Butter London and Gold.. It's wonderfully fashionable.