Aug 29, 2012

Yes Love #44

Yes Love is a chinese brand I found at the spanish equivalent of dollar stores. These stores are magical, let me tell you. They have all the things from kitchen equipment over hardware to craft supplies, and of course nail polish. Shelves are often stacked with three tiers of different formulas and colors, all made in China and none of them free of the Big-3. 

The formula is nothing short of amazing. Like the perfect fuchsia jelly that she is, she sits where you put her, shows no sign of streaks, and layers from sheer goodness to deeply opaque in just three coats. This is two coats in the sun with a coat of inm Out the Door on top.

Yes Love polishes come in bottles of all shapes, this one obviously inspired by Deborah Lippmann. The rose gold colored cap is beautiful and adds a kitschy twist, but is a real fingerprint magnet. 

I think this is a really versatile polish and I can't wait to try a glitter sandwich with it!

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