Sep 1, 2012

The 31 Day Challenge

I'm so excited!

I just looked at a couple of my favorite nail blogs (because honestly, what else is there to do on a friday night?) and discovered that a lot of bloggers are going to take on the 31 Day Challenge. Starting September, or, you know, 53 minutes ago for me in Spain. 

I loved looking at the Challenges and how all the participants are coming up with different manis under the same theme, and I'm super happy that I can take part this time.

This is a really cool opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and try things I usually wouldn't do, for example water marbling. Every single one of my attempts ended in frustration thus far, so mastering that would be a huge accomplishment for me. 

Also, posting 31 Days consecutively might get a little stressful, but the kick in the butt I need to get this blog into gear. 

Lucky coincidence, just yesterday my Bundle Monster 3 stamping plates arrived! I can't wait to play with them. All in all, I think this is going to be a great month and I'm ready to get started.

Here are the themes for the Challenge:

*** I'm fully aware that September only has 30 Days, but I'm looking forward to posting my favorite mani on October 1st :)

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