Aug 24, 2012

Kiko Lavish Oriental Collection Nail Polishes

I recently picked up the four holografic polishes of the Lavish Oriental Collection by Kiko. From left to right we have: 400 Steel Grey, 401 Peacock Green, 399 Silk Taupe and 402 Jewel Pink.

The first color I swatched was 399 Silk Taupe:

It's a cool, light nude. When it wasn't firing rainbows, it was actually so cool and matte that it almost looked silver. This is two coats without topcoat. I had been wearing it for about a day when I took the picture, so there's a little chip on my pinky and also on my thumb (not shown). 

The second color ist 400 Steel Grey. The best holo of all of them, in my opinion. It didn't take much to make it sparkle in gorgeous, linear rainbows. In the shadow this looked like a matte graphite polish. Two coats without topcoat.

401 Peacock Green is a turquoise. It is quite linear, not as strong as Steel Grey, but such an interesting color even without the holo. This is two coat without topcoat.

The last of the bunch is 402 Jewel Pink. A brilliant raspberry color, this really catches fire in the sun. I love how it brings out the warm colors of the  holo rainbows. Again, two coats without topcoat.

These are my first linear holos, so I have nothing to compare them to. I read about holos before and how they need a base, are a pain to apply, chip super fast, etc. 
I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. I don't own any basecoats, so obviously, I applied them all on my bare nails. They went on like normal polish, the only difference being that they dried a lot faster. As soon as I was done with all 10 fingers, the first one was dry again. I just went over again with the second coat and any streakiness that was there disappeared. 
The formula was on the thin side, and they leveled themselves despite the quick drying time.
They did chip usually within a day, but since I swatched them, I also wore them with Essie Good to Go on top, and that definitely helped a lot. It didn't dull the holo either, which is what I was most scared of when I got them. 

I really love these polishes and I hope Kiko manages to make them permanent and maybe add a few colors. 

These are available as part of the Lavish Oriental Collection right now, I paid 4,90€ each. 

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